Summer 2017 Project


This old cabin is on my property, and is actually in decent shape.  I was thinking of fixing it up and renting it out on Airbnb or something, but then the wife got wind of that so now she’s planning out how to make it “super cute”, whatever that means.  My plan so far is to strip all the roofing an siding off it, and then moving it about 15′ to the right in the above picture.  There are several large trees about to knock it off it’s foundation, so it needs some more room.  The front porch is totally rotten, but the rest of the structure seems sound.

Current issues to solve are:

  • How to move the structure off it’s current foundation and get it put up on a new one
  • What kind of foundation to use
  • Do I use the current wood stove or something else?  Was considering one of the old fashioned ovens/stoves where you can do cooking etc off it.
  • Do I rig up a simple solar setup for lights, or keep it without power?
  • If I rent this out, I probably need some kind of bathroom facilities (composting toilet).  The nearest bathroom that’s not in my house is about 300 yards away in my barn.  Need to research how far away composting toilets need to be from streams.
  • When siding/etc are off, I’ll either replace or add windows.  Need to come up with a new layout for that.


Below are pictures showing the condition of it now, and I’ll do more posts as I come up with more of a plan.  I don’t have any more time this summer (I know, it’s only July) for big projects, so this will most likely happen next summer once the house remodel is done.



Here is the view out front, pretty nice huh?


Here is the spot where I want to move it.  It’s about 2′ below grade with where it currently sits.  I’ll have to truck in some fill dirt or gravel or something.  It’s going to be a lot of loads with the tractor, and it’s a long drive from the road.



Here is around back, and you can see another tree already touching the roof.  The siding is in ok shape, but it was put on by an idiot.


Did I mention a family of squirrels live inside?  I think I found out how they got in.  Notice the 3″  of moss on the roof.  During the spring/fall, the moss layer is about 6″ thick.



Here is inside looking through the front door.  It’s just one room with a small loft overhead.  The loft may have been a newer addition, as the support post looks newer, along with some of the boards overhead.  Rumor has it that the previous owners of my house lived in this cabin while they built the house.  From other locals in the area, this cabin has apparently been around a long time.



Looking back towards the front door and loft.  You could probably fit 4 small beds/cots up there.  Hope you don’t have claustrophobia.


Back outside, here is the current foundation setup.  The concrete blocks are basically just sitting on dirt, totally crooked.  The supports up front look like they are getting close to falling over.



Riggs does not approve of the foundation.


Summer 2017 Project

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