Riggs Helps Out



I’ve been down with the flu for a couple days, haven’t had enough energy to do anything around the house.  When I knew that I was coming down with it on Tuesday, I used the last bit of energy I had to cut up my neighbors tree and haul it out of her way.  I had already started on it, and there is nothing worse than being half done on a job while you are sick.

Anyways, the gopher situation here at the house has been getting a little bit out of hand, below is just a small area of the lawn that they have destroyed.  The rest isn’t much better.



Typically when I have time, I come out at around 5-6PM (it seems that they are usually active around then) and wait till I see/hear them, and pop them with my 22:


It’s good old Ruger 10/22, but with an integrally suppressed barrel (made by YHM), Hogue Stock, and a few other upgrades.  With subsonic ammo, all you hear is the action cycling.  Its an extremely fun gun to shoot.


On this particular day, I was out in the front yard throwing the ball for Charlie and trying not to be too sick.  Riggs kind of wandered off to the back, so I followed him (in the evening time he tends to run after deer).  I see him walking slowly up to a gopher area and kind of lunge in and grab something, then drop it and start sniffing it.  When I get there, he had caught a gopher!



I know a lot of dogs can do this, but Riggs isn’t typically quiet and stealthy enough to catch anything.  He’s half Rottweiler half German Shepherd (I think), and you can usually hear him coming from a long way off.  I’ll give the gopher the benefit of the doubt and say that because it was a small one, it was probably young and inexperienced.  Either way, Riggs got a double helping of treats.








Riggs Helps Out

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