Zero Raccoon Thirty


This little punk lived in the bushes between mine and my neighbors house.  While it was originally friendly with her animals, it turned nasty as they always seem to do.

After a few weeks of sneaking over to their (I’m pretty sure there are a few more juveniles living over there) nest in the middle of the night with NODs and a rifle, my neighbor comes over in the morning and says one of them is wandering around.  Little jerk had just eaten a couple of her chickens the night before, so my neighbor was pissed.

I grabbed my trusty SBR and headed over and camped out in her barn waiting for it to come out.


After about 5 minutes, I see it’s head poking through and nail it with (what I thought was) a head shot.  Of course it’s been awhile since I’ve done any close-in shooting, so I was aiming way too low (need to correct for mechanical offset of scope to barrel).  I wait around for a few minutes, then hear it run out the back end, growling and such.


I come around the corner and probably put about 10 shots onto it as it staggers away, Osama bin Laden style, it was pretty satisfying.  I was shooting subsonic 300Blks, which is about as powerful as a .45ACP, which is why the first shot didn’t take it out.


At this point, I think all the young ones are too scared to come out, so I’ll have to continue doing a sweep once it gets dark.

Zero Raccoon Thirty

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